My way

What I am interested in…
The evocative form, the suggested but unsaid, the energy retained, the empty space as a contrast, the intermission of silence between musical notes or words, the suspension. The perception of a form, more than the definition of a shape. Colour. Sensuality and seduction. Drama. Poetry. Irony. The combination of strength and fragility. Feeling through the senses, not with the senses.Mark Rothko list of ingredients in his  “the recipe for a work of art” – Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, November 1958-

1. A clear awareness of death. All art is related to death.

2. Sensuality, indispensable to represent the real world.

3. Tension, either conflict or curbed desire.

4. Irony,  a modern ingredient – the self-effacement and examination by which man, at least for an instant, can escape his own destiny.

5. Wit and Sense of Humor… for the human element.

6. Afew grams of the ephemeral and a few more for chance.

7. 10% Hope but only if you need it, the Greeks did not require it.